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August 24, 2009

So English it is

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I have decide to keep my blogging in English. This is not only helping me keep alive my knowledge, basic or not, of the language itself but also, I’d love to connect to people whom keeps inspiring me around the world.

It’s Sunday night and after a much busy weekend I find myself alone in my kitchen table writing to whoever wants to read about my life. A life I felt in love with but not an easy one for the faint of heart.

Since I got married, almost 11 years ago, we have had so many changes in our lives, we keep joking (hubby and I) that we couldn’t be married to anybody else. Not everybody is so easy to adapt and although tough at times, we really enjoy our up and downs together; it has made us stronger and more loyal to each other, I feel blessed to have such a wonderful best friend to whom I can share this with.

I haven’t done much web design or cooking this weekend but it surely was good to clean the whole house, it’s almost like a spring cleaning, since the blossom season is pretty much almost here (Argentina’s weather) I love the smell of Clorox and air going thru the rooms in and out the open windows during the sunny morning we had yesterday. The cold weather seems to be fading away and I’m glad for once for not having to use layers and layers of clothes this morning to go to church.

Victoria and I are trying to make the “easy chocolate chip cookies” recipe we found on the web this past week, and it didn’t turn out how we expected. They were still tasty, but being a perfectionist in the kitchen department, I feel we need to keep trying the recipe again. The funny part was when Victoria said “yeah, we definitely need to add milk instead of oil” This coming from a 10 year old girl, my husband stopped in his tracks out of the kitchen, he looked at her like..who are you…

Anyway, after buying a pretty old rusty looking lamp at the local apartment store, I felt in love with the gleam coming out of it at night. It’s almost like I don’t want to go to bed so I can enjoy the orange sparkle it gives to the room.

Off to a new week, full of projects…


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