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August 28, 2009

I’m allergic to cats

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there..I said it. The only problem is that I love cats. I found them the most sweet and intriguing animal there is. My earliest childhood memories have impregnate cats and dogs on them. My very first cat was Toto, I was 12 when I found him on a Sunday morning at church’s door. The poor thing was in not the best shape and he was very persistent to stay with me. So I looked for my mother’s approval to take him home. She surprised me…She used to be a tough kind of controlling person back then, so it was really hard trying to convince her the cat was going to make our lives easier. But that day my pretty please with sugar on top face worked. So Toto came home, he was just a kitten but he lived for 13 years. He accompanied me during my hardest teenage years and when he died I really felt I lost more than a cat. It’s hard to say an adjective without sounding like a freak, so I’ll leave it there.

Today we don’t have any dogs but we have 2 cats, Barack and Michelle. Barack was a Christmas gift for Victoria and Michelle was runaway cat from supposedly one of my non so friendly neighbors. Well she choused us, get over it. Seriously she ran away from that house and made our home a sweeter one.

Like I said in other posts, Spring is coming, everything is blooming and every single animal is changing their hair, my cats are not exception, and the worst part is that Michelle is a long haired cat. She is literally killing…But my husband will never find this out


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