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September 7, 2009

All Veggie Stew

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We are going into the spring season (Argentina) but we have had some really cold days lately (13°C, 55° F) I mean we had colder days before but knowing that spring is almost here you expect something more for the weather.

Anyway, my mother and I usually have lunch together on Fridays. Most times we, Victoria and I) go to her house but this time she came to ours. It was a rainy and cold and gray all around day so I thought to pull some cans form my pantry and some veggies form my fridge and make a veggie stew.

Here are the ingredients:

2 medium yellow onions.

1 clove of garlic.

2 green onions.

1 bay leaf.

2 stick of celery.

1 leek

3 medium white potatoes

2 carrots

1 can of peas

1 can of chickpeas

1 can of butter beans

1 tblsp vegetable oil


Salt, pepper, paprika to taste

Chop the garlic, onions, leek and green onions. On medium high add the oil to you stew pan, add garlic first and let it stay with the oil for 20 seconds, BE CAREFUL NOT TO BURN IT, add onions, leek and green onions. Let it sauté, until the onions turn transparent. Add the carrots, I cut them in circles, you cut them the way you like and potatoes cut in quarters. Add salt, pepper and paprika to your taste and the bay leaf, I like a good ration of pepper and paprika. Open the can of beans and peas and add the water that comes with them, NOT the peas or beans themselves, put aside for latter. The idea is to recycle as much as possible, and the cans have a lot of flavor in the water, why not to use it.

Let all simmer for 5 minutes and add more water if needed, you need to cover the potatoes as much as possible, turn the heat to medium lower and cover.

Check it out once in a while and stir. 10 minutes into the cooking you need to pierced one potato with a knife, when they are half way done, add the peas, and the beans.

5 to 10 minutes and everything is done.

August 24, 2009

Only a month away

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After 3 years of living in sunny and humid and really extremely sunny and tons of humidity Florida, I was super excited to enjoy a long and cold Winter back home in Argentina.

But I was. not. prepared. for this much cold. We have had many days going on the -0° C mark and even though I like being warm and cozy and eating tons of good stuff, it got to the point when I was ready to wear only a shirt and not freeze to dead. Well, I did actually. Went for a lovely morning walk, got kind of “I don’t need this much clothes on”, took off my sweatshirt and kept walking, but after I barely made home I could feel the cold in my bones, I don’t think I ever felt that before, not even during my staying in Utah or Chile. Man..I was COLD, and it didn’t go away, no matter what I did.


So, imagine my gratefulness and almost joy when I went to my backyard this morning and I found that one of the plants (I have no idea the name, not good at it) had little tiny leaves all around wonderful…Spring is almost here, just a month away and I couldn’t’ be readier.

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