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September 14, 2009

Movie Weekend


I usually feel torn when trying to choose movies for Victoria to watch. Here is the thing she is 10, a really young age but she no longer loves those character Disney movies she used to. Don’t get me wrong she can watch Alice in wonderland 50 times and never get bored of it, but she is changing so fast, she craves for a more realistic play.We have watched almost every Harry Potter and some other good ones. But she is the biggest fan of Jack. So, when she heard that Tim Burton was having a new movie, she was the first one in line to see it…well the 3 of us…

Now, the funny thing about this movie is that except the blue hair that Coraline (not Caroline) wears; Victoria does looks amazingly like her, she is really skinny and tall, long long legs, short hair in the back, longer on the front, they are both lefties, and her whole character…I mean, the first time we watched my husband looked at me like, what the h… and I was as shocked..well I leave you with the trailer. It’s a great movie but for older kids whom would enjoy a daily  quote of sarcasm..

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