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September 4, 2009

I need sun

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I know how good rain is for the soil, believe me I feel blessed we’ve just got so many cm these past 2 days. But to be honest, even though I’m a “water” kind of person, I really need the sun…

I think my body and my whole being are  changing. That’s an obvious statement after you turn 30 but really, how can I be missing the sun when my fondest memories sometimes are my dark teenage years. When we put our long black coats on and went for a walk under the grayest of skies, listening to the music I still love, passing, sometimes, through the local cemetary and we actually enjoyed it.

But now it’s different. Specially today with so much rain outside and so little to do inside. Victoria and I looked like a carousel taking our turns between the tv and the computer and usually I would look for something to do with her, like for example my mother came for lunch today and I made a veggie stew (I’ll post the recipe and the pics later) so the morning went ok. But now,  after 4 days of cloudy skies, I feel depressed…I admit it. I know it will go away as soon as I can see a glimpse of a little bit of sun underneath a cloud. I’m even a little anxious and I don’t like this feeling of wanting…anything, just something different than this day.

Could I be actually gravitating to a new place in my life, a more warm and calm one?

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