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August 28, 2009

I’m allergic to cats

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there..I said it. The only problem is that I love cats. I found them the most sweet and intriguing animal there is. My earliest childhood memories have impregnate cats and dogs on them. My very first cat was Toto, I was 12 when I found him on a Sunday morning at church’s door. The poor thing was in not the best shape and he was very persistent to stay with me. So I looked for my mother’s approval to take him home. She surprised me…She used to be a tough kind of controlling person back then, so it was really hard trying to convince her the cat was going to make our lives easier. But that day my pretty please with sugar on top face worked. So Toto came home, he was just a kitten but he lived for 13 years. He accompanied me during my hardest teenage years and when he died I really felt I lost more than a cat. It’s hard to say an adjective without sounding like a freak, so I’ll leave it there.

Today we don’t have any dogs but we have 2 cats, Barack and Michelle. Barack was a Christmas gift for Victoria and Michelle was runaway cat from supposedly one of my non so friendly neighbors. Well she choused us, get over it. Seriously she ran away from that house and made our home a sweeter one.

Like I said in other posts, Spring is coming, everything is blooming and every single animal is changing their hair, my cats are not exception, and the worst part is that Michelle is a long haired cat. She is literally killing…But my husband will never find this out


August 26, 2009

Turning my child into a less materialistic one

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Is it possible to raise a non-materialist child on these technological times? I keep wondering this to myself while I look at my 10 year old daughter going from her Nintendo DS, to the Notebook, to the TV to watch Cartoon Network and from there more than often to borrow either mine or my husband’s mp3. And yes, she has her own mp3 player but because is not an iPod isn’t as fun. Ya know..

Can we be technologically prepared and at the same time frugal? This is a question that has been daunting me for quite some time and even though hippy’s is not my favorite lifestyle, sometimes I think we need to go back to nature in order for us to truly disconnect.

Imagine how happy I feel when we go for lunch once or twice a week to my mother’s house and my daughter plays with everything and anything she finds on the well planted yard. Just yesterday while there, she was playing for 2 hours straight with mud, she said she was making cookies and because the weather is getting to be great this time of the year, we are really enjoying it, but back home is another story. Obviously is not easy for an only child with a working from home mom to get a lot of fun by herself but I only wish that these kids could truly appreciate being outside and connect to each other face to face instead of doing it  through the computer.

Today she has a Birthday party, one of her classmates is turning 11!! I can’t believe this..she is getting to be a pre-teen and I am not ready at all for it.

Anyway, we got her a cute little necklace and we made some cookies for her and I keep hoping that technology and frugalness can live together for ever..


August 24, 2009

Only a month away

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After 3 years of living in sunny and humid and really extremely sunny and tons of humidity Florida, I was super excited to enjoy a long and cold Winter back home in Argentina.

But I was. not. prepared. for this much cold. We have had many days going on the -0° C mark and even though I like being warm and cozy and eating tons of good stuff, it got to the point when I was ready to wear only a shirt and not freeze to dead. Well, I did actually. Went for a lovely morning walk, got kind of “I don’t need this much clothes on”, took off my sweatshirt and kept walking, but after I barely made home I could feel the cold in my bones, I don’t think I ever felt that before, not even during my staying in Utah or Chile. Man..I was COLD, and it didn’t go away, no matter what I did.


So, imagine my gratefulness and almost joy when I went to my backyard this morning and I found that one of the plants (I have no idea the name, not good at it) had little tiny leaves all around wonderful…Spring is almost here, just a month away and I couldn’t’ be readier.

So English it is

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I have decide to keep my blogging in English. This is not only helping me keep alive my knowledge, basic or not, of the language itself but also, I’d love to connect to people whom keeps inspiring me around the world.

It’s Sunday night and after a much busy weekend I find myself alone in my kitchen table writing to whoever wants to read about my life. A life I felt in love with but not an easy one for the faint of heart.

Since I got married, almost 11 years ago, we have had so many changes in our lives, we keep joking (hubby and I) that we couldn’t be married to anybody else. Not everybody is so easy to adapt and although tough at times, we really enjoy our up and downs together; it has made us stronger and more loyal to each other, I feel blessed to have such a wonderful best friend to whom I can share this with.

I haven’t done much web design or cooking this weekend but it surely was good to clean the whole house, it’s almost like a spring cleaning, since the blossom season is pretty much almost here (Argentina’s weather) I love the smell of Clorox and air going thru the rooms in and out the open windows during the sunny morning we had yesterday. The cold weather seems to be fading away and I’m glad for once for not having to use layers and layers of clothes this morning to go to church.

Victoria and I are trying to make the “easy chocolate chip cookies” recipe we found on the web this past week, and it didn’t turn out how we expected. They were still tasty, but being a perfectionist in the kitchen department, I feel we need to keep trying the recipe again. The funny part was when Victoria said “yeah, we definitely need to add milk instead of oil” This coming from a 10 year old girl, my husband stopped in his tracks out of the kitchen, he looked at her like..who are you…

Anyway, after buying a pretty old rusty looking lamp at the local apartment store, I felt in love with the gleam coming out of it at night. It’s almost like I don’t want to go to bed so I can enjoy the orange sparkle it gives to the room.

Off to a new week, full of projects…

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